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About Us

Design-Build is our specialty:

If your project is unusual and problematic, our creative and knowledgeable team can assist in developing plans and finding solutions that create exceptional projects that exceed client expectations.

Who We Are?

Over 10 years of experience serving the diverse needs of Northern Nevada customers

Experts in the weird and challenging projects

Relish problem solving

Our Mission & Vision

Dedicated to Providing Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Our Work Process


Research and analysis of project to provide effective and cost conscientious solutions.


In house design team, coordinates all aspects of project planning.

4.Quotes and Estimating

Work with design, engineering and other professions to develop optimum project budget.


Coordinate build team to ensure clients requirements are met or exceeded within budget.

NV LIC #80755 – B2 General Contractor – UNLIMITED Bid Limit
CA LIC #1064266 – B General Building – No Limit
NV LIC #82010 – C1 Plumbing & Heating – $4.5 Million Bid Limit
NV LIC #82401 – C2a Electrical Wiring – $4.5 Million Bid Limit
NV LIC #82401 – C2f Residential Electrical – $4.5 Million Bid Limit
NV LIC #80046 – C3 Carpentry, Drywall – UNLIMITED Bid Limit
NV LIC #85822 – C5 Concrete – $4.5 Million Bid Limit

NV LIC #85823 – C14 Steel Reinforcing and Erection – UNLIMITED Bid Limit

NV LIC #82382 – C21 Air Conditioning – $4.5 Million Bid Limit
MHD LIC #B1538X – Manufactured Home General Serviceperson
MHD LIC #A1093 – Manufactured Home A/C, Plmbg, Htg, Elect, & Carpentry.

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